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Contact Information

EMERGENCY Police, Fire or Rescue Squad — Call 9-1-1

NON-EMERGENCY Police or Fire Department — Call DISPATCH at 330-468-0900

Chief of Police or any other member of the Police Department including Records — Call 330-468-3515


When calling the Police Department (330-468-3515), and our Records Clerk is not available, you may access Police Department personnel voicemail boxes as follows:

1 — Police Chief David Hayes
2 — Police Lieutenant Brian Piekarski
3 — Detective Bureau Lt./Det. Rice  –  Det. Victoria Miavitz
4 — Police Sergeants  Sgt. Ken Wolf
5 — Clerk / Records Janell
6 — Police Patrol All Police Patrolmen

PLEASE NOTE: The Police Records Clerk is available Monday thru Friday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email
Police Dave Hayes Police Chief
Police Brian Piekarski Lt./Asst. Chief
Police Dan Rice Lt./Det.
Police Ken Wolf Sgt.
Police Annette Soucie Ptl.
Police Emily Roxbury Ptl.
Police Tim Ellis Ptl.
Police Jason Lamtman Ptl.
Police Victoria Miavitz Det.
Police Dan DeCrane Ptl.
Police Ryan Shelby Ptl.
Police Emory Clark Ptl.
Police Janell Mucha Records