The Sagamore Hills Township Fiscal Officer received notice from River Valley Paper Company that due to increased requirements from China, coupled with massive drop in pricing, has caused many cities and municipalities to re-evaluate their recycling programs and discontinue their recycling service.

They have also notified us that they will start charging the township $35.00 per bin, per month, plus a pick up fee of $50. (The township has never been charged for the placement of the bin in the past.) We currently have one bin at the township that is picked up one time per week. Therefore, our total cost per month to keep the paper recycle bin will be $235 per month. This cost will far exceed the revenue we receive from the recycle program. For example, we received a total of $12.59 for the last quarter of 2019.

Due to these changes and the incurred costs, we have requested, effective immediately, that River Valley Paper remove the paper recycle bin from our premises.

In the future, residents may opt to take their paper recycling to St. Barnabas or the library.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.