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Sagamore Hills Township Park

Sagamore Hills Township Park was started by a $162,000 grant awarded by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources in 1995. This Nature Work Grant made it possible for the township to buy the infrastructure for the park. In May of 1996 Township trustees Schweikert, Snell and Speerbrecher voted to purchase 41 acres from the State of Ohio for $181,000. The deed for the land was received in October 1997 from the Department of Mental Health. Trustee Snell not only secured the Nature Work Grant, but got over $100,000 of free excavation work from the Ohio Operating Engineers Apprenticeship Program Local 18.

In 2005 the township purchased 2 acres from Annette and Mark Hennis. Snell received a grant and permission from Ohio Edison to connect a trail to metro hike and bike trail.

In October 2008 the township purchased 10 acres from Hennis for $100,000. Today the 53 acre park has 5 baseball fields, 3 restrooms, a concession stand, Service Department building and Park Maintenance building. The paving of the road to the park was finished in 2012 from a Federal Grant secured by Trustee Snell.

Sagamore Hills Service (Road) Department

Sagamore Hills Service Department has four full time employees who maintain 74 lane miles of road and nearly 80 acres of township parkland. The Service Department is located at 11550 Valley View Road. If you have any questions or concerns, please call Service Director Bill Cuprak at 330-467-0900 ext. 5.

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