Frequently Asked Questions

What is the address of the Sagamore Hills Park?

11550 Valley View Road, Sagamore Hills, OH 44067

Who do I contact for my utilities?

Dominion East Ohio – 1.800.362.7557

Ohio Edison (First Energy) – 1.800.633.4766

Cleveland Water – 216.664.3130

Aqua Water – 1.877.987.2782

DOES (Department of Environmental Services-Sewer) – 1.800.828.2087

Time Warner Cable – 1.877.314.3618

Who do I contact for rubbish pickup?

Rumpke Waste & Recycling –  1.800.828.8171

Does Sagamore Hills have curbside recycling?

Yes, starting August 11, 2015

Does Sagamore Hills have regulations for mailboxes?

No. The township does not regulate mailboxes, but residents should inquire with their Homeowner’s Association and/or the U.S. Post Office for their regulations.

Is an operation permit required for septic systems in Sagamore Hills Township?

Yes. An operation permit is required by Summit County Public Health. Please view the requirements for septic system operation in the township.

Does Sagamore Hills have a drop box for old medications?

No, but there is a drop box available at the Walton Hills Police Department lobby and also at the Macedonia Recreation Center (inside entrance doors to the right)

Does Sagamore Hills require a point of sale inspection?

No, there is no point of sale inspection requirement in Sagamore Hills.

Is there a city tax in Sagamore Hills?

No, we are a township.