Frequently Asked Questions

What is the address of the Sagamore Hills Park?

11550 Valley View Road, Sagamore Hills, OH 44067

Who do I contact for my utilities?

Dominion East Ohio – 1.800.362.7557

Ohio Edison (First Energy) – 1.800.633.4766

Cleveland Water – 216.664.3130

Aqua Water – 1.877.987.2782

DOES (Department of Environmental Services-Sewer) – 1.800.828.2087

Time Warner Cable – 1.877.314.3618

Who do I contact for rubbish pickup?

Kimble Recycling & Disposal, Inc.  –  1-800-201-0005

Does Sagamore Hills have curbside recycling?

Yes, starting August 11, 2015

Does Sagamore Hills have a drop box for old medications?

No, but there is a drop box available at the Walton Hills Police Department lobby and also at the Macedonia Recreation Center (inside entrance doors to the right)

Does Sagamore Hills require a point of sale inspection?

No, there is no point of sale inspection requirement in Sagamore Hills.

Is there a city tax in Sagamore Hills?

No, we are a township.