The Sagamore Hills Township Trustees received a letter notifying us that The Summit County Engineer has hired the engineering consulting firm of EnviroScience to assist with performing condition inspection of the Storm Water Mangement Facilities (SWMFs) within the Assessed Subdivisions in townships in District 1 (north of State Route 18).

These SWMFs are located outside the roadways, within easements beside and behind homes in the subdivisions. Accordingly, it will be necessary for EnviroScience inspectors to enter the portion of the homes’ properties covered by easements in order to observe the current field conditions of these SWMFs.

EnviroScience inspectors will carry full personal identification and a copy of the letter that was submitted to the townships. The inspections in our township are scheduled to take place between September 18, 2017 and December 31, 2017.

If you have project concerns or would like additional information on the details of this project, please contact David Koontz, P.E., S.I., Engineering Project Manager at 330-643-8537.