Park Reservations

Sagamore Hills Park
11550 Valley View Rd.
Sagamore Hills, OH 44067
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All park reservations must be made by calling the Township Office at
330-467-0900 (ext. 4) during office hours Monday – Thursday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

ALL FEES AND PERMITS MUST BE RECEIVED WITHIN 48 HOURS OF RESERVING A PAVILION OR YOUR RESERVATION WILL BE CANCELED. One form of I.D. is required to show proof of residency (example: Driver’s License, State I.D. or Utility Bill).

The park is open for pavilion reservations May 1st – October 31st (use of pavilions is first-come first-serve during off-season). The public restrooms in the park are also open May 1st – October 31st (portable restrooms are available during off-season).

Pavilion reservations change daily. Therefore, we cannot guarantee availability until inquiring with the Township Office.

Pavilion A:
(Cost – Residents $60.00 and Non-Residents $120.00)

Pavilion A seats 80 people consisting of 12 picnic tables 2 of which are handicap accessible with water available just outside the pavilion.

Pavilion A also has electricity available with 6 double outlets and 2 charcoal grills are available for use behind the pavilion

There is also a fenced in playground area to the left of the pavilion with restrooms nearby

Rosemary Snell (RMS) Pavilion:
(Cost – Residents $60.00 and Non-Residents $120.00)

The RMS Pavilion seats 120 people consisting of 19 picnic tables including 15 regular picnic tables and 4 handicap picnic tables. There is water available in the nearby restroom.

The RMS Pavilion also has electricity with 8 double electrical outlets and 2 charcoal grills are available for use

There is a playground area behind the pavilion and there is a volleyball net in place. There are also restrooms nearby.

(Cost – Residents $25.00 and Non-Residents $60.00)

The gazebo is located on the left just after entering the park. There is electricity in the gazebo.

There are 2 park benches inside the gazebo and there are 4 picnic tables and grills outside of the gazebo.