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Sagamore Hills Township hit by violent storm 11/5/17

Like many other communities, Sagamore Hills was hit by a violent storm last night. The weather channel mentioned we were in the path of the storm front and were affected by a microburst with winds over 100 mph. Many roads in the Township are still closed until trees can be cut down and power lines put back up. Unfortunately, some residents are still without power and there is no definitive timeline when power will all be restored. Our road crew will be cutting up trees on the roadway once the electric company deems it safe to do so.

If you are in need of help or assistance, please call the township office at 330-467-0900 or our police station at 330-468-3515.

Thanks to all Police Officers, Firefighters/EMS, Road Crew, and Township Trustees that were out last night helping in the community! We had all available police cars as well as two unmarked police cars and all fire equipment out on the road.

Please see the gallery of pictures below that include some of the storm damage.

11/5/17 Storm Damage