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Local Boy Scout raises funds for tree donation to Sagamore Hills Park

Will Makley is a Life rank Scout in Troop 261 working toward his Eagle rank. Will contacted the Sagamore Hills Township Trustees regarding a project he wanted to pursue, and Trustee John Zaccardelli worked with Will to help make his project a success.

Last year in November 2017, a strong storm with straight line winds equivalent to a tornado swept through our community. Many trees were felled in this storm. Sagamore Hills Park was in the path of the storm and lost seven beautiful trees.

Will Makley raises funds for tree donation to Sagamore Hills Park

During Will’s time as a Boy Scout, he has learned a great appreciation for nature, environment, and community. He wanted his Eagle project to benefit the community he lived in, and searched for a project that would directly benefit our local park system. After this storm hit, Will was devastated to see these trees broken off. He wanted to help the township restore the trees and bring back the beauty to the community park.
Will raised over $2000 and purchased three red sunset trees and four summer sensation maple trees to replace the trees in the park that were destroyed during the storm. Will, along with many helpers, including his family, have completed this project. The newly planted trees are located in the park around the baseball fields near the concession stand.

Kudos to Will on the completion of this awesome project, and many thanks from the Sagamore Hills Township Trustees and Staff for your donation and efforts to keep our community park a beautiful place for our residents and visitors to enjoy!

Will Makley Tree Donation Photo Gallery