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Frequently Asked Questions


All submittals should include a completed Zoning Application and the required information as  detailed below. All submittals should clearly depict the scope of the project and should include the requested information. Additional information may be required to clarify a project’s compliance with the Sagamore Hills Zoning Resolution

NOTE: Homeowner’s Associations have additional rules that may apply to your project. Please confirm your project with the Homeowner’s Association prior to completing a Zoning Application.

RESIDENTIAL APPLICATION SUBMITTALS (should include the following):

  • Completed Zoning Application
  • Homeowner’s Association approval letter (if applicable)
  • Zoning application fee (checks or money orders ONLY (no cash) – Make checks payable to Sagamore Hills Township)
  • Two (2) sets of plans (size 11 x 17 max.) that include:
    • All elevations (drawings of all 4 sides of structure)
    • Accurate location, windows, doors and other architectural features
  • Site plan (size 11 x 17 max.) that include:
    • Location of all existing structures, such as house, garage and accessory structures, and the proposed structure with dimensioned distances to all property lines. Show north direction
    • Location of vehicular driveway
  • Two (2) copies of topographic survey needed for all new construction (size 11 x 17 max.)
  • Riparian Assessment from Summit Soil and Water for all new house construction on any properties with a stream or creek on or close to the property
  • Lots with septic require Public Health Department approval
  • New drives or any work in right-of-way requires an access permit for work in road right-of-way


Fences: 6 ft. height max. located behind the front face of the home. 4 ft. height max. in front yard. Installed a minimum of 1ft. from property line.

Decks: Partial Replacement of deck floor and or railings may require a permit.  Please consult with the zoning inspector.

Accessory Buildings: Height of home or 18 ft. max. for height of structure. Size is dependent on lot size. Typical 1 acre lot allows 653 sq. ft. of building. 1,200 sq. ft. max. size of building regardless of size of lot. Structures must be 10 ft. from side and rear lot and 15 ft. from home. No structures in the front yard.

Garages: Size of garage is 400 sq. ft. min. and 850 sq. ft. max. All garages must have an exit other than the garage door. Offsets are same as accessory buildings.

Residential Home: Minimum lot size is 1 acre. Minimum lot width is 100 ft. at street and at front face of home. Side offset is 10 ft. Home must be 100 ft. from center of the road. Rear lot line offset is 50 ft. and max. height is 35 ft. Minimum size of home is 1100 sq. ft. All new homes must have a minimum of a 400 sq. ft. garage constructed with the home with an 1200 ft. sq. ft. maximum.

Swimming Pools: All in ground pools and pools less than 4 ft. in height must have a minimum of a 4 ft. fence around the pool area with locking gate or ladder when not attended. All pools must be in the back yard and 10 ft. from any property line. They cannot be located on any part of a septic system.

Garage Sales: All sales must be registered at the Township Office. No more than 2 sales are permitted at a residence in a calendar year. Sale duration shall not exceed 3 days and signs cannot obstruct driver sight lines or be posted on utility poles. Residential Sales include, garage, yard, barn, estate, tag, etc.


  • All lawns must be mowed to a height of 8 inches or less and all landscaping must be maintained to normal standards.
  • Trailers, Campers, ATV’s or Boats must be located or stored behind the front face of the home or in a garage.
  • No unregistered or inoperable vehicles can be stored outside of a garage. This includes historically plated vehicles.
  • No motorcycle or ATV tracks can be set up on any residentially zoned property.
  • No outdoor storage of any materials that can be a nuisance to the surrounding properties in the neighborhood or an activity that creates an obnoxious odor, dust, smoke, noise, gas, flame or vibration.
  • All estate and/or garage sales need to be listed with the township.  Maximum events 2 per calendar year per address.
  • All Temporary Storage Bins (Pods, temp sheds, containers of any material must be listed with the township).