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Rapid Entry Knox Box Program

The Rapid Entry Knox Box Program is designed for residents who are living alone with health issues that could prevent them from allowing rescue workers access into their homes during an emergency. Although, any resident or business owner can purchase a knox box for their home or business.

The box is placed on your front door and you provide a key to be placed inside. When an emergency happens, the responding rescue squad can gain entrance through use of this key when you are unable to open the door yourself. ONLY the Fire Department can use this box. Neighbors, friends and family will still have to have their own key to access the home as needed.

Order forms are available at the Sagamore Hills Township Offices during regular business hours 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Mon.-Thurs. (closed for lunch noon-1:00) for residents or business owners that are interested in purchasing a box for their home or business. There is a variety of styles to choose from for businesses (styles and pricing included on order forms). After submitting the order form with payment to the Knox Company, the box will be delivered directly to your home or business. Once you receive the box, you will contact
the Fire Department to coordinate setup and installation. Applications for “eligible” residents are also available at the township offices.

We are also encouraging residents that purchase these knox boxes to consider donating the box to our Fire Department when they are no longer needed or in use. The donated boxes will be kept in our limited stock and used to offer to “eligible” residents that would benefit by having the box, but do not have the resources to purchase one themselves.

PLEASE NOTE: The “Lockbox” System (that was previously used) that residents/businesses currently have in place are still functional and accessible by the Fire Department.